I recently returned from a family vacation and enjoyed some (much-needed) downtime and uninterrupted time with my husband and 4 kids. It was really great to spend time together discovering new places.

One of my very favorite experiences was roaming through the local markets and meeting the talented artisans who were selling their work. Whether it was the hand-woven baskets and handmade soaps in St. Thomas or the amazing ceramics and woodwork in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I was captivated by the creativity and the love that these artisans poured into their work.

One of the items that I just had to bring home with me was an antique style pepper grinder. The base of the grinder was crafted by hand by an artist named Carlos and I met him in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Even though, we had a significant language barrier, I could tell how much he loved woodworking and how much care he put into his art.

I felt very connected to Carlos and all of these artisans because I understand the need to create something beautiful and the joy that occurs when someone else sees and appreciates its beauty as well.

Know that every jewelry piece that I create is crafted with love and my hope that you will enjoy it for years!

I've already used my pepper grinder a few times now and I think of Carlos every time. I picture him in his studio in San Juan and it makes me smile.

I'll get off of this computer now and go and do one of the things that feeds my soul - design and create little pieces of art that I hope you will love ❤️

One more thing - you still have 4 more days to support the Monsignor King Outreach Center with your purchase. The volunteers there are doing such wonderful work to give people who are homeless safe shelter and nutritious meals.

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All My Best,