Let's face it - masks have become part of our daily wardrobe whether we like it or not. How then, do we wear them and still look and feel our best? Here's what I've learned...

    • Hair style and color make a difference. Here's your excuse to pull your hair into a ponytail! Pulling hair back away from the face brings attention to (in my opinion) the best part of the face - the eyes. Letting some long bangs or tendrils hang loose adds interest to keep it from looking boring. Also, whether you're going into your hair stylist or handling it at home, adding highlights brings brightness to your face (and who doesn't want that?!).
    • Focus on the eyes! We may be covering half of our faces, but we still convey so much through our eyes - make sure you play up these beautiful peepers! Masks add shadows to our faces, so using a good concealer under the eyes helps so much. As we age, our eyebrows get thinner so adding depth and shape with an eyebrow pencil or wand can make a big difference. No matter what color eyes you have, adding a lengthening mascara can brighten them up instantly.
    • Don't be afraid to accessorize! During this time when everyone is wearing a mask, accessories are what will help us stand out and feel great. Post earrings like the Paige or the Krista earrings are smaller and won't get in the way when you take your mask on and off. But don't be afraid to go big! I love wearing my Samantha or Ava earrings to add some interest to my outfit. Just make sure that they are dangling freely and you're good to go. (They are also great to add some bling for Zoom calls and Virtual Happy Hours!) 
    • Don't forget below the mask! During this time of work from home casual style, I like to add a simple necklace like the Skyler or the Paige necklace to my outfit. They're easily seen on a Zoom call and just make me feel like my outfit is complete!

One day, we will be back to normal (we will, right?!). For now though, masks are part of our daily lives. We can protect ourselves and others, but also look and feel beautiful while we're doing it!

All My Best, 

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November 02, 2020 — Leah Johnson