With the Christmas season upon us, gift giving is heavy on our minds these days. We are running around (literally or figuratively on the internet) searching for just the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Which golf accessory would put a smile on your husband's face or which new crafting tool would make Grandma excited?

Giving thoughtful gifts not only makes your loved one feel special but it also makes the giver feel pretty awesome too.

It's easy though to fall into the trap of just checking items off of a list and not thinking deeply about the gifts that we are choosing. Somewhere along the way, so many people have bought into the idea of bigger = better and quantity is better than quality.

This year, I suggest a break from this pattern. 

Let's use our gift giving as a way to make meaningful connections with our loved ones. Here is a list of fun and creative ways to do this:

-Make coupons for time together. This could be a special outing with a child or date night with your spouse.

-If you know of someone who is lonely, invite him/her over for a meal or evening together.

-For a busy family who struggles to find time together, give them a ticket or pass to do a special activity that they can all enjoy.

-Send the same book to a group of friends and start a virtual book club. Stay connected all year long!

-Sign yourself and a friend up for a fun class to enjoy together. There are so many options - painting, exercise, relaxation, or learning a new language. The point is to grow personally and in your relationship. 

-Give a spiritually meaningful gift. A spiritual book can deepen a loved one's faith or a pretty cross necklace can remind them of what they value (including you!) every time they wear it. 

You can find many beautiful, spiritually meaningful jewelry items in my online shop here!

So this Christmas, let's make our gift-giving meaningful and purposeful. I believe that it's worth the effort and we, as gift-givers will feel just as uplifted as the people who receive our gift!





December 14, 2016 — Leah Johnson