In honor of Mother's Day (this Sunday, May 14th!), I would like to feature three special moms who have devoted their lives to serving their families. Each of these ladies, in their own way is a beautiful example of self-giving love. Here is what their families have to say about them 💕

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Emily Rocha

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“Emily has always been a very thoughtful, creative person ever since she was little. She’s extremely sensitive to other peoples’ feelings and is a very positive, upbeat person. She always makes me smile!" - Emily's mom, Michelle

"Emily is an incredible woman. From the moment she began carrying Levin in her womb to this day, she takes her vocation as a mother very seriously. She doesn't just love and care about Levin in her heart , but she shows it daily in her constant devotion to him and in the many sacrifices she makes in giving herself fully to this beautiful but demanding vocation. While being a mother takes everything she has, Emily somehow finds time to run a small business as well. Emily is a mother first, a business woman second, and also an incredible woman that I am so proud to call my wife." - Emily's husband Andres

Lisa Rook

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"Lisa is a very caring mom. She’s supportive in all that Kevin and Allison do and has enjoyed visiting them both at college over the past several years.” - Lisa's (twin) sister Michele

"My mom is always going out of her way to do things for my brother and I. Her visits to see us at college are really fun. She is a caring mom and loves us a ton!” - Lisa's daughter Allison

"Mom always goes the extra mile to do something nice and fun for my sister and I. She always is loving and a happy person to be around, and loves to visit us at OSU!” - Lisa's son Kevin

Mary Lou (ML) Fay

lj artisan designs mothers day

"No matter how old I am, whether it’s celebrating good news or needing a shoulder to cry on, my mom will always be the first phone call I make. Lately, it’s been a lot of the shoulder to cry on (parenting teens is HARD, y’all. 🤯) She’s always been our rock and that will never change! “ - ML's daughter Julie

"I am often reflecting on my own relationship with my daughter, Emma (4), and pray that as she grows up she has the same relationship with me as I do with my mom. Still today, at 37, I need her! I love her so much. ❤️” - ML's daughter Laura

"Moms always know best, that’s been the age old saying. But our mom not always knows best, she is the best, speaks the best, comforts the best, because she loves the best. Between her three girls and her five (plus one on the way!) grandchildren, she manages to devote individual time to us all to make us each feel special. There’s no gift more precious than the gift of time spent together, and that’s all she ever asks for!” -ML's daughter Erin

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I salute every one of you mothers who consistently show up for your kids whether they are very young or not so young, but still need a mother's love and support. I hope you have a Mother's Day filled with love and joy!
All My Best,
May 08, 2023 — Leah Johnson