I have come to love my adopted state of Texas, but Louisiana will always be home in my heart and when Mardi Gras comes around, I get especially homesick.

While sometimes taken to excess, Mardi Gras for me is a day of thankfulness for the luxuries of life before the time of Lent begins when we are offered an opportunity to scale back these luxuries and get back to spiritual basics.

Mardi Gras also reminds me of some of my favorite things about Louisiana:

  • Beautiful architecture with influences from so many cultures
  • Some of the BEST food in the whole world (My grandmother's cooking was actually the best, but there are some close seconds 😉)
  • Gorgeous live oak trees covered in Spanish moss (each is a work of art!)
  • The beautiful campus of LSU (Geaux Tigers!)
  • Amazing natural beauty (from the mighty Mississippi to the humble lily pads in the bayous, I love the lush vegetation and beauty of the land)
  • Music!! (I am always astounded by the crazy amount of musical talent in my home state. Any style - you can enjoy it live!)
  • Some of the nicest, most genuine people you'll ever meet! (We have our quirks 😂, but we will invite you in, feed you great food and show you a good time!!)

I love to take inspiration from my home state! Click here to see what I'm working on now.


All My Best,


March 01, 2022 — Leah Johnson