June 8th is National Best Friends Day!

I'm taking this opportunity to feature a fabulous group of ladies. 

This fun, sweet and engaging group of women spent an evening with me (ah, the pre-covid days...) in my studio for a fun event. They enjoyed wine, hors d'oeuvres, and fellowship while watching and learning about the process of metalsmithing for jewelry making. 

I fell in love with this group and asked them if they would answer some questions in honor of Best Friends Day. 

What do you think are the most important qualities that make your friendships with these ladies special?

  •  Monica - "We all are working women who care deeply for our community and giving back. That's what drew us together."
  • Angelica - "That we celebrate each others' wins and challenge and inspire one another. And that they know how to have a solid good time without being so inhibited. We can just unwind and be ourselves. I always learn something when I'm around this group and I am blessed to have such strong, caring women in my life."
  • Jessica - "Everyone is so incredible in so many ways, as community leaders, mothers, business women, and entrepreneurs. Each one is an inspiration every day and I look up to each of these wonderful people as examples all the time."

You each have such busy lives. What is the key to staying connected?

  • Monica - "It's just consistently trying to reach out and plan get togethers. It's been a lot harder with a pandemic going on, but we are hoping to get back together soon!
  • Angelica - "Sometimes it's hard, and we do go for a long time without seeing each other. But even if it's just a text or quick phone chat, I like to let my girls know that I miss them and am thinking about them. And they do the same."
  • Kristen - "Staying connected to friends has to be intentional. It's so easy to get lost in work schedules, volunteer groups and family "busyness"; but carving out scheduled time for friends is about emotional and mental wellness - both for you as an individual and for those you hold dear to your heart."
  • Jessica - "Making time for each other. Scheduling time to be with friends is so key to keeping our lives balanced. It’s not hard when you are guaranteed laughs when we’re together.

What's your favorite friend memory?

  • Monica - "I would say the party that we had at your studio is definitely a favorite memory!"
  • Angelica - "So many to pick from! I would have to say going to see our favorite band. My friends and I LOVE music!"
  • Kristen - "I truly enjoyed the In-Studio Party with this group of ladies. I enjoyed the opportunity to turn off our phones, disconnect from our other jobs -Mom, Wife, sisters, etc. and just focus on fun."
  • Jessica - "Every time is special, but usually the best times are when we get together just to see each other and catch up."

Do you have a favorite LJ Artisan Designs item?

  • Monica - "Oh I love all of your designs, but I have a beautiful Amelia necklace that I wear often that would be my favorite!
  • Angelica - "They are all amazing and so unique! Leah puts so much love and creativity into her work."
  • Kristen -My favorite is certainly the ring I made at the In-studio party. Its a very simple, plain, thumb ring, but it's special because I helped to make it with my own hands and surrounded by amazing Women. It's a constant reminder of Joy & Laughter and friendship felt just before the pandemic.I refer to it as my Ring of Joy when I explain it to my other friends.
  • Jessica - "I love the Paige earrings I got. I wear them all the time!"

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All My Best,


June 01, 2021 — Leah Johnson