Have you ever had a big dream and due to circumstances beyond your control, that dream started to feel like it was slipping out of your reach?

My big dream for quite a while now has been to bring you a website through which you can enter into my little slice of life here in Denton, Texas where I create unique, artisanal jewelry that will help you to feel like the one-of-a-kind, beautifully original person you are!

Well, enter in LIFE… oh yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about – work obligations, kids' after-school activities and homework, volunteer obligations, meetings, family dinners, weather delays, unexpected events, etc., etc…

The weather alone was a big factor because our photo shoot was rescheduled 3 times due to crazy spring thunderstorms! (A BIG thank you goes out to my photographers,  Stephanie Southard Photography and Christopher Lee Photography and my beautiful models - Ana, Angela, Abby and Sophie for their patience!)

After months of planning, photographing, and writing, (and take-out dinners for my family because I was trying to learn a whole new tech language!), I can finally invite you to browse through the new LJArtisanDesigns.com website!

The website will never be completely finished as I will always be trying to bring you the very best jewelry designs and the most enjoyable online shopping experience possible, but for now, I’m doing a HAPPY DANCE because this little dream of mine has come to life!

I sincerely hope that you feel at home at LJArtisanDesigns.com. I am dedicated to bringing you beautiful, hand-finished jewelry along with an exceptional buying experience so that you will be inspired to tell your own unique style story!

All My Best,


November 12, 2016 — Leah Johnson