Summer - my favorite time of year! And what better way to enjoy this carefree time of year than with a summer getaway?!

Whether it's a trip to a beautiful beach, a wine country getaway, or a European excursion, we are all looking for travel outfits that can handle the rigors of travel. 

I've put together one of my favorite formulas for the perfect travel outfit!

1. T-shirt - This is my go-to for travel. Choose one that is a comfortable loose fit without being too baggy.

2. Necklace that shows your style - Basics are great when traveling because you can mix and match but you definitely want to show your signature style! One of my new favorite casual necklaces is the Piper Necklace, which features a labradorite stone pendant on a leather cord. 

3. Jeans - Choose a pair with some stretch. This will assure that you'll still be comfy even through a long flight.

4. Cardigan or Jacket - Layering is key for summer travel. You'll be ready for chilly evenings or frigid air conditioning!

5. Versatile Earrings - I love the Piper Earrings. Lightweight and beautiful, they'll be your friend throughout your trip!

6. Multitasking Tote - Items that can serve you in a variety of ways are crucial when traveling. Choose a bag that can be a carryon on the plane as well as a beach bag. 

7. Comfortable, Stylish Shoe - Comfort is key when traveling, but you still want to show some style! Choose a low heel that forms to your foot and is easy to take on and off.

Wherever you go this summer, I hope that it is filled with wonderful adventure!

All My Best,


July 08, 2019 — Leah Johnson