Maybe it's recently marking another year into my 50s. Maybe it's experiencing a daughter getting married this summer. Maybe it's visiting places that beckon contemplation... I've been thinking a lot about what's most important in life and one of the most important things for me is my friendships.

As I've gone through different seasons of life, I've been blessed by different friend groups and they are all so very important to me. I recently got together with a group of friends that I graduated high school with (most of whom I met when we were in 2nd grade).

What's so amazing about true friendship is that no matter how long it's been since you've seen them last, you can pick right up where you left off. Knowing someone's little quirks (and them knowing mine!), yet loving each other in spite of and even  because of those quirks is something to be treasured.

Seeing each other through the highs and the lows of life, being vulnerable, showing gratitude, and apologizing when we get it wrong - it all makes life so much richer. 

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with these amazing women. Whether it's a getaway or just having a cup of coffee together, I hope that you also take the time to enjoy and cherish your own friendships. It truly enriches the soul!

All My Best,


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August 08, 2023 — Leah Johnson