Gold, silver, copper, bronze... I say Yes, please!

When I first started making jewelry, I used a lot of copper and brass because honestly, the price point is lower and it wasn't a huge deal if I ruined something 😏

Although I've moved from brass and gold plated to gold filled, gold vermeil, and solid gold, I still love all of these metals because each of them has a different look and style.

Feeling Bohemian? Pile on the copper and bronze!

Want a classic, elegant look? Can't go wrong with gold!

Want the perfect every day piece? Sterling silver is your go-to!

You'll still find a variety of metals at LJ Artisan Designs because who wants to limit our style, right?!

Now, if you're like me, you want to know what is inside the products you use regularly. Well, jewelry is no exception. Unfortunately, there are some jewelry companies that are selling jewelry that contains lead and other harmful toxins.

The US banned the use of lead in many products back in 1978, but sadly, products made outside of the states often contains lead. If you're buying mass-produced jewelry, chances are, it contains lead (and nickel, which is known to cause skin irritations).

LJ Artisan Designs jewelry is made from carefully sourced materials. Except for gemstones that have been mined in other countries, every effort is made to use American-made materials that do not contain harmful toxins like lead or nickel. 

So when you purchase from LJ Artisan Designs, not only are you supporting a small (woman owned) business, you can feel confident that you are not wearing jewelry that contains harmful toxins 🙌🏻

I created a Jewelry Care Guide to help you keep your LJ Artisan Designs jewelry looking great! Click below to get your Jewelry Care Guide...

Check out these lovelies that are available on the website now...

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June 10, 2024 — Leah Johnson