We receive so much when we give to others. Selfishly I suppose, it's one of the reasons why I give 10% of my sales proceeds to a local nonprofit  every month. These organizations are helping so many people during very difficult times in their lives and our financial assistance really does make a difference. 

As women, we give so much of ourselves to our loved ones and our communities - it's a really beautiful thing to behold! But, what I see over and over is that we don't allow ourselves the downtime that will help us to feel supported and filled up. 

When we give and give to others without taking proper care of ourselves, we can begin to feel invisible.

My mission through LJ Artisan Designs is to create jewelry for women who refuse to be invisible. 

To help you to feel like the amazing and beautiful woman that you are, I've compiled 5 tips to restore your mental and emotional well-being so that you can feel like your Best Self...

1. Connect with Others -  When we give so much to the people around us, it's easy to put our own relationships on the back burner. As humans, we all crave connections with others. Make sure that you cultivate and maintain healthy social connections. Lunch with friends, fun community events, a glass of wine at the end of the day with your spouse, and social clubs help us to connect and feel supported. 

2.Quiet Time - In this digital age, quiet time seems to be a thing of the past, but when we carve out even a few minutes every day for silence, the benefits are big. Silence allows us to stop the mental roller coaster that we are on and gives our brains time to reflect, daydream, and just be still. Studies have shown that these calm, quiet times even lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension and increase focus and creativity. Whether it's taking a few minutes in the morning while you drink your coffee, taking a quiet walk, or just turning the radio off in your car, carving out some silence in your day can reap big benefits.

3. Nurture your Spirit - Similar to incorporating silence in our days, nurturing our spiritual lives will decrease anxiety and stress and increase our capacity for love and forgiveness. We have been given these gifts of mind, body, and spirit and neglecting any one of these will lead to burnout. Some ways to nurture your spirit include prayer time, spiritual reading, bible study, or writing in a gratitude journal. Nurturing your spirit leads to healing, gratitude, and peace.

4. Sleep - As a work-obsessed (and Netflix-obsessed) culture, we haven't put much emphasis on getting adequate sleep, but this is a definite game-changer. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night improves our mood, memory and immune system (plus many more benefits). Believe me, I understand how challenging this one is, but try to increase your sleep time incrementally to work your way up to a healthy night's sleep. Tips for good quality sleep include wearing an eye mask, wearing blue light blocking glasses when watching screens before sleep, and trying to keep wake and sleep times consistent every day. 

5. Indulge - I know you. You put others' needs before your own and that sacrifice doesn't go unnoticed. But if we don't treat ourselves to some extra kindness every now and then, the risk of burnout is real. Schedule indulgences for yourself on a regular basis. This could be a daily bath with essential oil-infused bath salts or it could be a regular massage appointment or even a weekend away with your spouse or friends. Finding the indulgence that re-energizes you can make a big impact on your emotional and mental health.

Bonus Tip! - When we look great, it permeates everything. What better way to look your best than wearing unique, One of a Kind artisan jewelry?! Check out my latest jewelry designs and grab your favorite before it's gone.

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March 27, 2022 — Leah Johnson