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Tips for being an awesome LJ Style Ambassador

 *Share Your Link or Code.

  • Share your favorite LJ Artisan Designs items on Facebook along with your link/code. Your Instagram bio is also a great spot to place your LJ Style Ambassador link. If you happen to have your own blog or website, then we recommend creating a Linktree account so that you can link to multiple sites via your Instagram profile.
  • Show off your LJ jewelry on social media and be sure to include your link/code! This will give them a discount and give you money to spend on your own goodies ;)


*Be Proactive.

  • Remind your friends & family about important collection launch dates and exclusive events so they can grab the pieces while they're in stock! We will provide you with all of the important dates via the LJ Style Ambassador private Facebook Group.


*Spread The Word. 

  • The goal of this program is to reach new LJ Artisan Designs customers outside of our current social outlets.


 *Be Engaging. 

  • We have a great community of amazing women! We want to nourish and grow this community. By uplifting them through your posts and comments, you will develop new relationships and help us to form a fun, supportive environment (and you will get so much joy from the encouragement that you provide!).
  • Although you can't share your private code or link IN the VIP group, you can make your own daily post and engage with other group members. Often, friendships are built and they begin following their new friends outside of the group ( which is a great place for you to tell them about your code).