I am currently on a flight from New York City to DFW airport. While everyone around me is reading/sleeping (snoring)/watching inflight movies, I’m reflecting on the last 5 days.

It’s been a whirlwind of fun and exciting events and definitely a trip to remember – my first real business trip for LJ Artisan Designs, attending a conference for jewelry designers, going to the Diamond District in NYC to source gemstones, inviting my husband to join me for a couple of days of fun in the city, seeing a Broadway show, experiencing the fun and excitement that only New York City can provide.

There are 5 lessons that stand out to me as I reflect on the last few days:

1. Sometimes you have to get out of your studio to get inspiration. There were so many things that got my creative juices flowing – the amazing architecture in NYC (both old and new), Central Park (jogging through Central Park was truly a highlight for my husband and me – such beauty right in the middle of the urban jungle), and sourcing gemstones in the Diamond District (Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to design with these stones!!)    

2. I had the opportunity to talk with many other jewelry designers and so many        expressed frustration with creating a connection with their customers. I have          to be honest and tell you that I couldn’t relate to what they were saying. I am incredibly blessed to have your support and I genuinely feel a connection with you. Please always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. All you have to do is hit reply to my emails and I will personally get back with you. At the end of the day, this is why I do what I do - creating connections with you and helping you to feel even more beautiful through jewelry is what keeps me going. 

3.Every year, I have a word of the year to help me focus in on things I want to          accomplish. This year, my word was CONNECTION. I realized that I was working so hard in my studio, I wasn't making the personal connections that mattered. So I've done things like join the Denton Chamber of Commerce (I'm loving the Women in Commerce group!), I am a new member of the New Horizons Ariel Club locally (shout-out to you amazing women!), and I connected with some pretty cool jewelry designers this week and learned so much about how to run a business that will help me connect with you and bring you jewelry that you will love. Ultimately, it's my connection with you that matters most of all ❤️ 

4. One of the things that came up at the conference was to not be afraid to ask      for something. I'll be honest - this is not always easy for me because I am quite the people-pleaser. However, I grow my business through referrals. So here goes - if you know of someone who might be interested in LJ Artisan Designs jewelry or need a resource for gift-giving, please think of me and share my website (www.LJArtisanDesigns.com) - or share this blog post with them. Thank you - it means a lot to me!  

5. On our last day in the city, my husband and I strolled down 5th Avenue. There      were beautiful window displays of fashion-forward clothing and accessories, security guard-protected jewels and exclusive items for the ultra-trendy. As we walked, it seemed a sudden, dramatic shift to see on the of most beautiful structures I've ever seen standing tall in breathtaking contrast to the slick, modern buildings - St. Patrick's Cathedral. If you've ever seen it in person, you know how dramatic it is to see this stunningly beautiful church. Everywhere (I mean everywhere!) you look, inside and out, there is something beautiful to discover. It reminds me that we're all kind of like that. If we take the time to really pay attention to each other, there are so many discoveries to be made. It is my pleasure to connect with you and I hope to discover so many of the little things that make you so beautiful. I am honored that you choose to wear my jewelry to enhance your inner beauty.  

I'm so thankful for a great trip to New York City (Diamond District, I'll be back for you!), but I'm so happy to get back to my beloved city of Denton, Texas  and my studio where I'm ready to create more jewelry goodies for you!

All My Best,


October 02, 2018 — Leah Johnson