You know me - I love what can happen when metal is formed into something beautiful. But, what started my love of jewelry-making was the gemstones!
There's just something magical about these natural stones that can take hundreds or even millions of years to form. And what some gemologists point to as flaws in stones are often actually the very things that create the stone's uniqueness. 

My new Sage & Stone Collection is all about these beautiful gemstones!

Jasper, apatite, African turquoise - these stones are at the heart of this collection. Their natural hues will work with almost any outfit and you'll especially love the wide array of ultra lightweight earrings the Sage & Stone Collection offers!
Rustic chic jewelry
So if you're a gem lover like me and want to pile them on or if you just want a touch of this natural beauty, 
check out the new Sage & Stone Collection
and let me know what you think!
All My Best,
November 24, 2018 — Leah Johnson