Am I crazy? Do you ever ask yourself this question? 

In late March, my family moved into a new house. I wish I could tell you that I have unpacked every box (but I would be lying...big time!). My jewelry studio renovation is still going on so basically, disorganization is surrounding me on all sides. It's almost the end of the school year, so with 4 kids around, we have lots of banquets, performances, awards ceremonies, exams, 1st Communion for my twins, my daughter's high school graduation, recitals, school projects, tournaments... I know - you're living this crazy life too, right?!

There are plenty of people who would tell me that I'm crazy for having 4 kids. These kids bring so much work and hassle, some might say. And you know what, being a mother is a lot of work and I won't lie, there are plenty of hassles. But if that makes me crazy, then pass me my straight jacket (Do they come in any other colors than white and can I accessorize it?).

Being a mother is the greatest gift God has blessed me with on this earth. I am so fortunate to have had an amazing example of motherhood in my own mother. My Mama (yes, I'm a southern girl!) raised 5 children and lived out her vocation as a mother with love, discipline and a servant's heart. I strive to emulate her in my own mothering.

For many women, pregnancy happens when they least expect it and possibly at a time when they feel as though they can't fathom how they will be able to care for a child. They may even have people in their lives who are telling them that if they continue on with the pregnancy, they're crazy. (Total honesty here - when I was told that I was having twins, my first thought was, "I can't possibly do this.")

Here in Denton, Loreto House is a place of refuge for women in this kind of situation. At Loreto House, a woman can get loving, nonjudgmental support, services and referrals to help her in this critical time of need. From sonograms to childcare classes to baby supplies, Loreto House offers it all.

I think a perfect way to celebrate this month for mothers is to give 10% of the proceeds of all sales during this month to Loreto House. You can find more information about Loreto House on their website here. 

I applaud all of you mothers and I am proud to count myself in the group of us "crazies." I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day surrounded by your kiddos (young and not-so-young kiddos).

If you would like to support Loreto House (or just want some new jewelry goodies!), check out all of my designs here! 

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Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

All My Best,