Summer - it's my favorite season! What's not to love? Sunshine, beach trips, and a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

But which jewelry pieces to wear in the summer? I've got you covered - here are some ideas to have you rocking your Summer style!


    aquamarine necklace, beach jewelry  

     pearl necklace, pearl and leather necklace

The color choices of natural gemstones are endless, but colors that are inspired by the ocean are perfect for summer. Aquamarine and pearls are natural choices to help you feel like you're at the beach all summer long!


    leather necklace, silver pendant necklace     

Boho jewelry, leather necklace

There's just something about leather that ups the cool vibe of jewelry! Choose brown for a more relaxed summer feeling. (Save the black leather for Fall and Winter!)


    gold hoop earrings, double hoop earrings      

gold bar necklace

Gold tones really pop on sun-kissed skin! Choose fun, bold hoops or a more delicate bar necklace - they can be added to just about any outfit.


    stacking bracelets, mixed metal bracelets   

  mixed metal bracelets, stacking bracelets

Layering jewelry is huge right now and bracelets are a perfect way to experiment with this trend. Summer is the time for easy, delicate jewelry pieces that won't get in your way as you enjoy your summer adventures. Stacking bracelets let you change the look as your mood changes. And adding in some texture will help you get your Boho Style going!


So rock your summer with style that gives you confidence all season long!

All My Best,