Summer is the most popular time to travel! Whether you're off to the beach, the mountains, or a city getaway, here's a guide to know which jewelry to pack and how to keep it looking great.

What to bring:

-Classic, neutral jewelry items that can work with a variety of outfits will be your best friends! The Ava Earrings and the Paige Necklace will see you through any vacation.

-Statement Pieces that are bold and eye-catching. Add them to bring a daytime outfit into the evening. The Alexandra Necklace and the Gabrielle Cuff Bracelet will help you look and feel like you're wearing a whole new outfit! 

How to protect your jewelry:

-Use mint tins to store small rings and earrings. Add in some cotton balls to protect your jewelry.

-Use index cards to transport earrings. Make holes in the index card with a safety pin and insert your earrings into the card. Wrap the card with a soft cloth and your earrings are organized and ready to wear.

-Use straws to keep necklaces from tangling. Insert one end of a necklace into the straw, slide it through and clasp ends together. Neat trick, right?

-Use a travel jewelry roll to keep all of your items organized and protected. This one from Sew Much Fun Stuff is a fun, customized way to travel with jewelry.

Something to keep in mind is that vacations may not be the best time to wear fragile, delicate jewelry or precious heirlooms. You want to make sure that you return home with all of your jewelry in excellent condition. Storing jewelry in carryon bags will help to ensure that it's not lost!

We all like to look our best, even (or especially) when we travel. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to look your very best while enjoying a great vacation!

Happy Travels!