You may have read a story that I've shared on the 'About Me' page on my website. It's about a time when I was staying at home with young kids and struggling to feel stylish and noticeable during a period when everything I did seemed to be for others. I was just plain exhausted and feeling disconnected with my femininity. I don't for one minute regret offering that sacrifice; however, I now understand that there are seasons in life. Just as we (particularly as women) offer our time and attention to young kids, we also offer that time and attention to aging parents and other loved ones at other times in our lives. This is a beautiful testament to our natural caregiving gifts as women.


As we give and give to others, sometimes, we feel invisible.

I design jewelry for women who refuse to be invisible.

I love creating jewelry items that make you feel like the beautiful, amazing and unique woman you are!

This is my 'Why'.

With that being said,  I have a HUGE announcement coming soon!

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March 01, 2021 — Leah Johnson