What if your job was suddenly outsourced after almost 20 years with the same company and while trying to find another job, you got behind on your mortgage and utilities payments? That's what happened to Emma.

What if you were only a few years from retirement and got a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer. No longer able to work and now paying for medical treatment, you went through all of your savings and retirement? That's what happened to Roy.

What if you were in the later stages of your life and were taken in by a lottery scam, lost your life savings, and were about to be evicted from your home? That's what happened to Ms. G.

Emma, Roy and Ms. G aren't really different from any of us or our loved ones. These situations can happen to anyone and thankfully, Interfaith Ministries was there to give them a helping hand.

Interfaith Ministries is a civic-ecumenical agency in Denton, TX that has provided emergency financial assistance to those in need since 1993. Their program assists clients and their families in creating their own personal path to financial sustainability while helping eliminate the barriers that block the road to their clients’ success.

I am proud that 10% of all sales proceeds during the month of September will be donated to InterFaith Ministries. To get more information or to volunteer with this wonderful organization, check them out at www.ifmdenton.org.

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